What is a SATA cable

SATA(Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) cable is an IDE standard first released in 2001 for connecting devices like optical drives and hard drives to the motherboard

How does the hack work

The SATA cable interfaces can emit radio signal during certain read and write operation. This will main be used in air-gap system because this systems do not have wireless connection.An attacker can use malware to hijack legitimate software process to preform vert specific read/wire functions that reflect the contents of the data that the attacker wants. You will need to first get access to this machines. You can use a bad USB or make some social engineering. This attack can only receive data about 4ft away. If they go further than that then they will get error bits and this attack only transfer at 1 bit/sec.

How to stop this attack

  • limit the amount of users to this air-gap systems
  • Update the systems as much as possible
  • You can flood the 6GHz range with junk data

What is the future of this attack

This attack is not a really big problem RIGHT NOW but could be in the future attack. This only really effect air-gap systems because there are easier and better attacks if a systems is connect to the internet.

This resource I used

The research paper An article on the subject