What is a password manager

A password manager is a place to keep all of your password safe. It is a really imporant you have one. This allows you to have complex passwords without remeber them. If you don't have a password manager please get one.

Type of password manager

In my option there are two types of password manager. Their is offline and online password manager.

The different between offline and online password manager

Offline password manager. It is a password manager where your password are stored locally. This has cons and pros. The pros are that you don't have to worry about data breches. You also do not need an internet connection. This could use offline.

Online password manager. Online password manager are where your password are stored localy. It is really good if you want your password if you want your passwords in the cloud. You have to were about data breaches.

How to choose a password manager

If you are choosing an offline password then use keepass or pass unix password manager. Online password manager you need to make sure their are encryption your passwords. PLAIN TEXT is bad and should not be used. This means don't use a notepad or write them down.

How to setup keepass

first you want to downlaod Keepass This may vary on different OS.

First you need to make a database. REMEBER WHERE YOU SAVE THIS FILE. Database

Then you need to set a password. Make this password a good password but also easy to remeber. If you lose this password. You will not be able to see your password.

Keepass password

Finaly give your database a name.

Database name

How to set up Bitwarrden

Just go to Bitwarrden and set up an account. Make a strong and easy remeberable password.