Hardware and Software I use

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Programs and Equipment I Use

Here are the programs I use for everything. I'm only putting here programs I consider tried and true and have used for about two years

Software I Use

Neededs and wants

I like to not think about how and where I am going to put windows on my desktop.I also like to use at least amount of resource as possible

To solve the first problem I found vim and vim-keybindings. The second problem can be solve by Linux and suckless software.


Operating System
I use Artix Linux(site) which is a fork of Arch Linux without systemd. This allows me to use old and "better" computers
I use st(download) (simple terminal) by suckless.orgwhich is one the most minimal, yeat customizable terminal emulate I could find.
I use zsh. It is like bash but better in my option because of plugins, auto-completion and syntax coloring.
Window Manager
dwm (download). If you asked me why my desktop looks like this it is DWM(Dynamic Windows Manager). The status bar is dwmblocks
Text editing and programming
I use neovim. When you use it you do not use the mouse. This makes coding and text editing much faster(ones you know how to use it)
Web browser
Firefox with the arkenfox user.js (with some modifications). Note that while Firefox is a free software browser, it comes with a multitude of a multitude of trackers and other annoying "features." A custom user.js file like the one linked above removes all the trash and allows you to customize the browser to be usable and private. I often recommend the following add-ons:


Mail client
Mutt. I keep all my mail offline with isync. Setting up the perfect terminal-based offline email system can be difficult, so I use mutt-wizard it makes them really easy.
RSS reader
I use Newsboat. All of the cool kids use RSS
PDF viewer
I use zathura. It is really and simple without all of the adobe stuff that is not need for basic uses.
Image Viewer
sxiv. Handles images, animated gifs, has additional thumbnail and slideshow modes and allows you to run custom scripts and read/write to standard input/output. This is really cool


Monero fixes Bitcoin by being decentralize and annyomous.

Hardware I use

I use the Thinkpad x220 and Thinkpad T420. They are really cheap. I got my X220 for $115 with a docking and two charger included. Old ThinkPads are designed for long term corporate use, and last forever and are made to be easy to repair and improve. They have many simple perks, like their uniquely tactile keyboards, their trackpoints and their ThinkLight (a more commonsense solution to lighting your keyboard at night). Newer ThinkPads are not as good, lacking the classical keyboards and generally being more Mac-like (unrepairable, breakable, and generally bad for an enormous price)
I use the thinkpad travel keyboard. The great thing is that it has a trackpoint. You can type and move the mouse really easy with it

What I do not use

Proprietary software
I try not use to use proprietary software as much as possiable. I am sadly forced to use proprietary for work. If I have the chance to use libre software I do. In my personal life I do not use it at all. The reson I use libre software is because with libre software I can do so much more. If I use proprientary I do not what my software is doing. I can not custmize it as much as libre software. Proprietary software tends to have more securtiy problems. With libre software you have more eyes on the code to find this problems. If you have to use proprietary that is fine but look at libre options before using proprietary stuff.